In pursuit of our business aims to supply high quality printed matter, Dolphin Print Ltd recognises that it impacts on the local, regional and global environment. As a consequence of this, the management are committed to continuous improvements in environmental performance, pollution prevention and resource management.

With this in mind, we’ve created a list of things to always be conscious of and develop with the best interests of all parties involved. We will:

  • Meet all Environmental regulations, laws and codes of practice and where no regulations exist, set our own standards of practice.
  • Implement policies via a coordinated Environmental Management System.
  • Use environmentally safe/sustainable energy sources and monitor the use of such resources and wherever possible reduce our usage
  • Consider the environmental impact of all products used during the running of the company. Wherever possible, seek to lower our environmental impact by addressing the procurement of products and through efficient use, conserve resources.
  • Recognise that that a primary part of our Environmental responsibilities are sustainable waste management and as such, to recycle materials wherever possible.
  • Minimize waste, especially hazardous waste and dispose of such waste via safe and responsible methods.
  • Work with our suppliers to ensure that they recognise/reduce the environmental impact of their products and transportation.
  • Guide our customers towards more environmentally friendly products in the production of their printing requirements.
  • Implement these policies through guidelines and training.
  • Set environmental targets and goals to improve our environmental Performance
  • Aim to reduce our fuel consumption and lower exhaust emissions through co- ordinated deliveries and online delivery of PDF proofs
  • Be committed to reducing emissions for all its manufacturing processes.
  • Conduct self-evaluation by conducting regular audits of our performance in implementing these principles and compliance with all applicable laws and regulations